Portable Fiber Laser Printer 20W COMPSYSCO series

Laser Printing – CSC 20W FL50/100
Output Power ≥20 W
Printing Method High-precision two-dimensional scanning method
Frequency Adjustable Range 30-60 kHz
Cooling System Air cooling
Marking Range 50mm×50mm / 100mm×100mm
Targeting Red light positioning
Font English, Arabic numerals and other standard fonts
Full Charging Time 4 hours

The CSC 20W FL50/100 Fiber Laser Printer Machine: Precision and Versatility

In the world of industrial marking, precision and efficiency are paramount. The CSC 20W FL50/100 Fiber Laser Marking Machine stands at the forefront, offering a powerful solution designed to meet the demands of various marking applications. Let’s delve into the key features, advantages, and considerations of this cutting-edge fiber laser marking machine. Enhance your understanding of the CSC 20W FL50/100 Fiber Laser Marking Machine by watching our informative video below.

Handheld laser engraving Engineering and Materials

The CSC 20W FL50/100 is crafted with precision using engineering plastics, ensuring durability and reliability in diverse industrial environments. Its robust build makes it suitable for a range of applications, from product marking to intricate designs on various materials.

Fiber Laser Technology for Precision Marking

Equipped with a high-performance fiber laser generator, this machine delivers exceptional marking precision. The laser operates at a wavelength of 1064 mm, allowing for intricate and detailed markings on surfaces. The two-dimensional scanning method further enhances the accuracy, making it a preferred choice for industries where precision is non-negotiable.

Efficient Marking Speed and Control

The CSC 20W FL50/100 boasts a marking speed of up to 7000mm/s, ensuring efficient production processes. The highly integrated motherboard with a built-in 7-inch screen provides seamless control, allowing operators to manage and monitor the marking tasks with ease.

Versatile Handheld laser engraving Capabilities

This fiber laser marking machine supports dot matrix and vector printing, offering versatility in marking options. Whether you need detailed dot matrix prints or sharp vector markings, the CSC 20W FL50/100 adapts to your specific requirements, providing flexibility in your marking projects.

Wide Compatibility and File Formats

Featuring compatibility with various file formats such as BMP, DXF, HPGL, JPEG, and PLT, this machine accommodates diverse design needs. The ease of integration with different file formats streamlines the workflow and ensures a smooth transition from design to marking.

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Portable and User-Friendly Design

Designed with user convenience in mind, the CSC 20W FL50/100 is a portable marking solution. The handheld size of 241.5x79x151 mm facilitates easy maneuverability, allowing operators to mark products with precision, even in tight spaces. The control box, sized at 310x260x307 mm, complements the handheld design, providing a comprehensive yet compact marking solution.

Pros and Cons

Considering the advanced features, the CSC 20W FL50/100 offers several advantages:

  • High marking speed for efficient production
  • Dot matrix and vector printing capabilities for versatile marking
  • Portable handheld design for flexibility in marking tasks
  • Stable operation with the Linux operating system
  • Wide file format compatibility, accommodating various design needs

However, like any industrial equipment, there are some considerations:

  • Use time may vary based on ambient temperature
  • Reflector size is standard and may require adjustment for specific requirements

Comparing CSC 20W, CSC 30W, and CSC 50W Fiber Laser Marking Machines

When evaluating the CSC series of Fiber Laser Marking Machines, including the CSC 20W, CSC 30W, and CSC 50W models, one can discern a progression in power and capabilities. The CSC 20W, with its precision engineering and portable design, caters to applications where moderate marking power is sufficient. Stepping up to the CSC 30W introduces a notable boost in power, with the ability to handle more demanding marking tasks efficiently. Its versatile features, such as dot matrix and vector printing, make it a compelling choice for industries requiring enhanced flexibility. Finally, the CSC 50W takes marking capabilities to the next level, providing even greater speed and power. This model is ideal for applications demanding high-speed and intricate markings on various materials. The choice among these models ultimately depends on the specific requirements of the industrial applications, with the CSC series offering a range of solutions to meet diverse needs.

Why CompSysCo for Fiber Laser engraving machine?

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