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Frequently asked questions
1. What is BVBA Compass Systems Co. and what sets you apart from other companies in the market?

BVBA Compass Systems Co. is a dynamic Belgian enterprise operating across the Middle East and Africa, specializing in digital printing solutions. What sets us apart is our strategic presence in key locations, our extensive network, and our commitment to representing quality-oriented manufacturers. We combine global expertise with localized insights, ensuring tailor-made solutions for our diverse markets.

2. Which industries do you serve with your digital printing solutions?

We cater to a wide range of industries, including traditional large format printing (both indoor and outdoor applications), packaging, label printing, and industrial textile printing. Our collaborative partnerships empower us to provide cutting-edge equipment that meets the unique needs of these industries.

3. How do you stay updated on market trends and advancements in the digital printing landscape?

Our traditional network of multi-portfolio contacts keeps us consistently informed about market shifts and evolving trends. We also actively participate in local and international exhibition events, enabling us to stay at the forefront of industry developments.

4. Can you elaborate on your business model and approach to customer engagement?

Our business model revolves around distributor support, prospecting programs, personalized customer visits, and an in-depth understanding of products and markets. This approach allows us to offer tailored solutions and seamless customer experiences. We believe in hands-on engagement and value the relationships we build with our clients.

5. Who are the driving forces behind BVBA Compass Systems Co.?

BVBA Compass Systems Co. was founded by Stephan Jourquin, an industry visionary with a wealth of experience from renowned companies. Co-founder Leila Hadikol brings expertise in marketing strategy and business development, with a strong legacy in Iran's digital printing industry. Together, they lead our dedicated team, propelling us towards innovation and excellence.

6. What are the delivery times for products that are out of stock?

Everything is or should be in stock with the manufacturer! So if we do not have it physically in our warehouse - we can obtain it usually in the given delivery times confirmed with the quotation. In cases the manufacturer is really out of stock and we face unexpected delays, the order - in agreement with the buyer - will be cancelled or dropped in a back order list - as stated in our company policies.

7. What is the warranty on the products?

Most spare parts are covered with a full manufacturer's warranty! Consumables are also covered, depending on the manufacturer’s policy. Unfortunately, print heads are considered consumables and do not carry a manufacturer’s warranty. Still, an investigation can be done, to make an evaluation that could justify a claim with the manufacturer or logistics service provider. For claims about DOA, a replacement will be evaluated on each case individually, together with the manufacturer’s expertise and approval.

8. Do you really have all products in stock that show to be in stock?

We are shipping products that are physically available from the warehouse after the payment is received. Customers are informed, with the order confirmation, regarding availability. It happens that one or more clients order the same product at the same time. Usually, the order management will recognize this and first in, first served. For those parts that are often needed like printheads, filters or other consumables – there’s usually enough inventory to avoid major delays in order processing.

9. Why are you so expensive?

We are not expensive, the prices you see online are calculated based on our purchase prices, the prepayment and inventory cost, and a reasonable margin that covers our labour, taxes and necessary insurance that also needs to be paid. Any product you see online that shows stock is usually already prepaid from us to keep liabilities to our suppliers close to zero.

10. Are your prices stable - or do they vary a lot?

Our price list reflects - as stated above - a proper business calculation. Variables inside the calculation might change our prices, but not necessarily. Those changes take place depending on currency fluctuations and more seldom to real price changes from the manufacturers. Minor changes we buffer anyway. To reach a broad range of customers during the introduction of the online shop we might offer some promotional items for everyone at discounted prices. We are having different campaigns every month. Send us your email address where we can keep you posted.

11. Do you offer discounts?

If you like to receive a customized quotation for some of the items, send us an inquiry. We are happy to support technicians, dealers, freelancers, printing companies...

12. Range of products

We are offering plenty of parts. Some are too seldom needed to justify photographing them all. Also overfilling the online shop with thousands of products that are hardly needed makes the shopping experience less enjoyable. For all those items you do not see, please send us your inquiry by email with full product description and pictures, if available. A lot of parts of the famous brands from large format printing are available - but not always listed on purpose.