Founders' Vision: A Glimpse into the Leadership Behind Compass Systems Co. BV

Behind every successful enterprise lies a visionary leadership that shapes its trajectory. Compass Systems Co. BV, a pioneering Belgian company with a global presence in the Middle East and Africa, owes its journey to the dedication and expertise of its founders.

This article introduces the founders of Compass Systems Co. BV, Stephan Jourquin and Leila Hadikol. Stephan Jourquin’s journey into the world of digital printing began in 1999 when he joined Nur Media Solutions. With experiences spanning Scitex Vision, EFI Vutek, Durst Phototechnik, and Inx, Jourquin’s expertise has been pivotal in shaping the company’s growth.

Leila Hadikol, the co-founder, brings a rich background in development and implementation of marketing strategies. Her proficiency extends to communication, coordination, and management of internet business development. Her association with Novint Talk and Record Co., an industry leader in digital printing, reflects her commitment to innovation and excellence.

The article provides insights into how the founders’ experiences have guided Compass Systems Co. BV’s journey. Their combined vision of representing quality-oriented manufacturers for digital printing equipment tailored to the unique demands of the Middle East and Africa has led the company to its current position of prominence.

Stephan Jourquin’s and Leila Hadikol’s leadership roles have not only defined the company’s approach but have also set a precedent for industry engagement and innovation. As Compass Systems Co. BV continues to thrive, the founders’ vision remains a guiding light, steering the company towards continued success and transformation.

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