Ricoh – GEN4 Series

Ricoh – GEN4 series
Size 63(W) x 63(D) x 16.2(H)mm (excluding cables)
Head materials SST, Ni & Epoxy adhesive (Direct contact with ink)
Head plate surface Non-coated SST
Number of heads 2 * 192 channels
Head spacing
Head spacing – A (with a row) 0.1693 mm (1/150”)
Head spacing – B (Row to row offset) 0.0846 mm (1/300‘’)
Head spacing – C (Row to row distance) 0.5292 mm
Ink inlet port 2x dual ports
Piezo type D33 stacked PTZ
Drop ejection mode Piston pusher with metallic diaphragm plate
Integrature electronics Low-voltage serial to high-voltage parallel
Temperature control Integrated heater and thermistor
Operating temperature range Up to 60°C
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Ricoh – GEN4 Series: Precision and Reliability Redefined

Unleash the power of precision printing with the Ricoh GEN4 Series printhead, designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability for a wide range of printing applications. With its innovative design and advanced features, the GEN4 Series sets a new standard for quality and efficiency in printing.

Compact and Versatile Design

The Ricoh GEN4 Series printhead features a compact size of 63(W) x 63(D) x 16.2(H)mm (excluding cables), making it ideal for integration into various printing systems. Its versatile design allows for seamless integration into different printing setups, providing flexibility and convenience for a wide range of applications.

Advanced Head Materials

Crafted with high-quality materials including SST, Ni, and epoxy adhesive, the other Ricoh GEN4 Series Printheads ensures durability and longevity, even in demanding printing environments. Its non-coated SST head plate surface allows for reliable ink delivery and consistent performance, ensuring optimal print quality with every job.

Precision Engineering

Equipped with two printheads, each featuring 192 channels, the Ricoh GEN4 Series offers unparalleled precision and accuracy in printing. With head spacing carefully calibrated to 0.1693 mm (1/150”) for row-to-row offset and 0.0846 mm (1/300‘’) for row-to-row distance, this printhead delivers crisp and sharp prints, even in the most intricate designs.

Innovative Ink Management

Featuring dual ink inlet ports, the Ricoh GEN4 Series ensures efficient ink delivery and distribution for consistent and reliable printing. Its piston pusher with metallic diaphragm plate drop ejection mode enables precise control over ink droplet formation, resulting in smooth gradients and vibrant colors in every print.

Integrated Temperature Control

With integrated heater and thermistor technology, the Ricoh GEN4 Series maintains optimal operating temperatures of up to 60°C, ensuring consistent print quality and reliability in various printing environments. This temperature control mechanism provides enhanced ink viscosity and flow, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Exceptional Performance

Powered by D33 stacked PTZ piezo technology and low-voltage serial to high-voltage parallel integrature electronics, the Ricoh GEN4 Series delivers exceptional performance and reliability, even in high-volume printing applications. Its robust construction and advanced features make it the ideal choice for demanding printing environments.

Ink Compatibility

Compatible with a wide range of jetting fluids including water-based, solvent, oil, and UV curable inks, the Ricoh GEN4 Series offers versatility and adaptability for diverse printing requirements. With a viscosity range of 10-12 cP (at operating temperature) and surface tension of 28-35 dynes/cm, this printhead ensures optimal ink performance and compatibility across different ink types.

Unlock Your Printing Potential with Ricoh

Experience the next level of precision and reliability in printing with the Ricoh GEN4 Series printhead. Whether you’re printing signage, textiles, or packaging materials, trust Ricoh to deliver superior print quality and performance with every job.

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    Ricoh – INK
    Compatible jetting fluids Water base, solvent, oil, UV curable
    Viscosity range 10-12 cP (at operating temp.)
    Surface tension 28-35 dynes/cm
    Ricoh – GEN4 Series PERFORMANCE
    Native drop volume 7 pico liter
    Drop volume range/variation 5-25 pico-liter with grey-scale ±10%
    Drop velocity nominal/variation 8 m/sec/±10%
    Crosstalk 10% or less with channels firing
    Jet straightness 1 sigma <3.5 milli-radian from head centerline
    Operating jetting frequency Native drop: Up to 30kHZ / Grey-scale: Up to 20kHZ
    Life 100 billion actuations per head
    Ricoh – GEN4 Series Design Features
    Number 1 384 channels
    Number 2 30 kHz
    Number 3 Grey scale capability
    Number 4 Two color support


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